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Panty Lane FAQ

Panty Lane Info

Q: What is Panty Lane?

A: Panty Lane is a site for panty people. People who love panties can take a look at our unique resources. People who want to share panties can contribute to Panty Lane so others can see what they have to offer. Panty Lane is free!

Q: Panty Lane is awesome, can I bookmark your site?

A: Yes! There is a bar on the right side of the window that will bookmark the page you are on at almost any of the popular bookmarking sites.

Q: Can I link to Panty Lane? Where are the Panty Lane banners?

A: Yes! You can link to us and you can even hotlink our banners! Banners are here.

Q: Will Panty Lane trade links with my site?

A: Yes! Contact us to trade links. We have lots of opportunities for sellers as well as others who run sites. Contact us if you have any ideas, we're open to suggestions!

Q: I sell panties, can I show my panties on Panty Lane?

A: Yes! And you can get free traffic! You can use our free image hosting service to host your pictures. When you upload your pictures make sure you enter your information and your picture will be posted on our front page along with a link to your profile.

Panty Picture Hosting

Q: Why do I want to host my pictures here?

A: It's completely free! If you are a panty seller you can get extra visitors to your items by having your pictures displayed on our front page along with a link to your profile. Panty Lane is specifically full of content for panty enthusiasts. Visitors to Panty Lane are panty lovers not just casual surfers.

Q: Can I use the images hosted here on eBanned (or other auction sites)?

A: Yes! We made this service with sites like those in mind. As long as you are allowed to use a URL for an image it will work. We may put restrictions on later, but in the meantime, you can use them anywhere you like.

Q: Is it okay if I don't show my face in my pictures?

A: Yes! It is completely up to you which pictures you upload and which ones you allow us to use on our pages. You know what pictures work best for you and if you don't you can find out with the traffic we will be sending you from showing your pictures on our pages.

Q: What type of pictures can I upload?

A: Panty pictures that you own. They must be JPG files that are no larger than 350KB in file size. You don't have to be a panty seller, but if you are a panty seller, having your pictures hosted here can help you. You must be an adult.

Q: Is this service free?

A: Yes! It is completely free. We will not charge you for picture hosting or other features that we offer for free. If it's free, it's free.

Q: Can I add a link to my profile?

A: Yes! You can add a link to your profile on any one of the most popular panty selling sites. If we are missing one you like, just contact us and we'll add it. You can not add a link to a specific item or a URL at this time, but adding a link to your profile allows visitors to see all of what you have to offer!

Q: Can I add a link to my website?

A: Yes! You will need a code to do this.

Q: I don't have a code, can I get one?

A: Yes you can! If you are a panty seller and have your own website you can get extra exposure at Panty Lane. Contact us with your information and if you qualify, we will send you a code to use when you upload pictures to Panty Lane. Any pictures that you upload with that code will link to your website!

Q: Do you have templates for auctions?

A: Yes! They will be available shortly.

Last updated April 22, 2008
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